Alternative to NEC P241W with similar quality

  • Hello,

    My old NEC 2490WUXi is already broken and there is no fix for it (LCD aberration - panel is discontinued). So I'm on the boat of buying a similar monitor. My concern is the aggressive AG coating of the new 24.1" IPS screens. I'm looking for a monitor with a bearable AG coating, similar to the coatings I've seen on the HP ZR2440w and ASUS PA248Q (both perfectly bearable, but their color rendition did not satisfy me). It would be ideal for me "a NEC P241W with a bit lighter coating". I'm currently testing this monitor and, besides the coating, the NEC P241W is stellar, with a very neutral white (warm, not cool like modern W-LED monitors), very good setup out-of-the-box and almost zero backlight bleed, but the coating is driving me nuts.

    Discarded models:
    Samsung S24A850D (poor sRGB accuracy and backlight bleed issues)
    HP ZR2440w (I'm not satisfied with the color rendition nor the backlight bleed/IPS Glow)
    Asus PA248Q (the same as the previous, the IPS Glow is lower than the ZR2440w's though)
    Eizo CG246, CX240 (quite expensive, out of my price range)

    Max budget: 1000 euro

    Note I'm not asking for a semi-glossy display, just a display with a not quite heavy AG coating like my current P241W. Hardware calibration is not needed at all, but color quality is (warm white point and accurate colors is my first priority).

    What about the new Eizo EV2436WFS? I know it's a LED backlit monitor, but I could give it a try if the coating is a bit lighter than the used on the P241W. PRAD have recently reviewed this monitor, so I think they must know anything about it.

    Thank you very much in advance