Eizo EV2780 vs NEC EA271Q

  • Hi all,

    I enjoy all reviews in the site thanks to Google Translate, so I thought it would be worth to ask here despite limited activity in the English section.

    I bought an Eizo EV2780 today. I was a bit disappointed with the poor packaging from Eizo. I haven't opened the box, but the delivery man was literally pressing into the panel with his hands while holding the box through holes, with only a small film in between. Dell usually sends screens inside a second larger box.

    NEC seems a bit better with regards to packaging?

    Anyway, the box came a bit battered, so I'm thinking about returning it and buying a NEC EA271Q instead. My main use is programming. I need really good blacks and backlight evenness.

    The Eizo seems a bit old, mine shows manufacturing date Feb '17. NEC should be much newer, and with a less laggy Samsung panel, not an LG one. It's only about 100 euro more expensive. What is your opinion? Any other screens I should consider?