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  • Dear User,

    for helping you to find the best TFT in your prefered sector, we made a short list of the TFT's which were tested by users or the editorial staff.

    If you have any more questions, do not be afraid to ask and open a new thread. Our job is to help you. But do us a favour: Take a look on this list. Thank you ;)

    Buyer's Guide

  • An italian buyer is unsatisfied because say ViewSonic VP181 has heavy streaks!

    I have personally used a monitor with the same panel (Sony X82) and know the numerous good reviews in this forum...
    so I don't understand the problem.

    Is possible ViewSonic has changed the panel??

    (I think he has only to accustom to this LCD monitor)


  • @miamo: it´s possible. We have some criticism about the VP181 at the moment.

    Maybe the informations about the 1860 filling the picture up. Translation of that news today.


  • Seems to become the custom to change panels without signifying it......thinking of NEC1880SX, Sony x93 ( probably, but here it would be an advancement refering to the tests of 2 users^^ ) and now Viewsonic VP181 ?(. I hope our suspicions won't become true

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  • Unfortunately suspicions seem to be the reality. X(

    The VP181S have this codes:

    Model: vlcds26063-3w
    Serial: a2r032900557

    I would appreciate any information.

    ...and I think is useful for anyone would buy a new LCD monitor.


  • Ok, I don't have any confirmation about a ViewSonic VP181 panel change.

    So, I must think that the bad user feeling is not due to monitor but to his personal exigence... ?(

    Thanks however

    ...& sorry if I have frightened uselessly someone.

  • Quote

    Original von Kolyan
    i need one without speakers. what about NEC 1996NXi for gaming, text and internet?

    Take a look in the other thread ;)

  • Hi.
    Thread is quite old... any new models to put on 'what-to-buy' list?
    Where would you put Samsung 193P?

    Anyway, I'm looking for an 19'' LCD, not for strict gaming purposes, but still suitable for gaming and muvies. DVI is a 'must have', pivot would be nice. Price is not such a problem... something around 800, 900 eur (or lower).
    Curently I have 15'' Eizo L365, very satisfied with it.

    Any recommendations?
    What is a 'best buy' in this moment?
    Any new models coming on market, which would be good to wait for?


  • Hi,

    sorry for not updating the guide. Here is the german guide with the topic advices. I'll rework the english guide immediately.

    Samsung 193P would fit into the "Displays for Graphic Applications". The 193P is supposed to be too slow for gaming. Perhaps it wouldn't disturb you cause you say it's not for "hardcore gaming", but you have to try it out yourself and that's a risk ;)

    I think the FSC P 19-1A is the best choice according to your requirements. It has pivot, DVI, ist good for gaming purposes and has nevertheless a good viewing angle.

    New modells coming on market are the 19" TFT's with the new AU-Optronics TN-Panel. The Philips 190S5CS is the first one released, but doesn't come with DVI and Pivot. So concerning this panel you've to wait for other modells coming soon I suppose.

    EDIT. I've reworked the guide. Now it's up-to-date :)). It does not contain Samsung 193P cause we are still looking forward to some more tests.

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  • Aha, Fujitsu Siemens. S-IPS Panel. Even cheaper than 193P. Reading a lot about P19-1A on this great forum, although my German is not good, hehe.

    Thanks for update and your opinion.

  • Advisory service is now up-to-date again.

    Ciao Rinaldo

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  • Wouldn't recomend L90D+ to anyone, before they conduct test on equal distribution of brightness/contrast, cause even 350€ bilinea does this right. We shouldn't support such lazieness from hyundai and accept being fu**d by them. They should improve their QA department.

  • Sorry, bu the above mentioned list is old, very old - it is no longer usable.

    It was written by an ex-moderator here and he has left Prad a long time ago :(

    So please check for the new version of this Buy-Guide:
    "LCD-Displays" at the top -> Buyer's Guide.

    there you will find the right Guide :]

  • The english website is still not finished, sorry for that. We are working on it, but the "up-to-date" buyers guide in english probably won't be online before midth of may, because the complete buyers guide has to be adjusted to our new layout and code. Sorry again for waiting!

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