• Hi,

    I am new to digital photography. Currently I use slide film & scan using Nikon Coolscan 5000ED and use Photoshop to edit. I may buy a digital SLR eventually.

    Currently I am looking at buying an EIZO LCD for my photography. Apart from this I am intending to use this for general computing (ie MS office, Internet, Outlook Express etc). I usually do not watch DVDs or play games. Budget is relatively flexible.

    Please suggest me the choice out of the follwing EIZO 19" LCDs: L767 (?MVA), L797 (?IPS), CG19 (IPS). I checked the EIZO website the Spec sheets do not mention about MVA or IPS!!!! May be I could not find it.

    Many thanks in advance.


  • If you have enough money, my choice would be for professionell work:

    1. Eizo CG19
    2. Eizo L797
    3. Eizo L768

    Eizo L767 is an older Modell, so I would change this into the L768.

  • Hello,

    I would like to get a good monitor and I hesitate exactly between the models you mention (L768, CG19 and l797)...

    I wanted to know if you have chosen, and if you had the possibility to see those monitors.

    I had the possibility to see the L768 and the L797 side by side, and the L768 seemd to have more contrast, which can depend upon its calibration...


  • In my opinion, Andi indication is correct.
    I've spoken with a professional designer and he said L797 is very good and nearly perfectly calibrated.
    On the contrary, several users says L768 can have slightly inaccurate gamma.
    PVA based monitors, like L768, are best suited for office applications.

    The main question is:
    How much professional is your work?

    If you don't make covers of magazines L768 can be enough...

  • Many thanks for your answer.

    I am not really a professional, I am interested by photography and I really would like a monitor that could produce good results in terms of color reproduction, knowing the fact that I am not interested by latency times, etc... as I don't play games.

    I would like mainly to have a "good" monitor...

    A little question you may answer : if you scroll web pages for example, will you see a difference between the 3 models?

  • When scrolling in a web page you will see severe smearing on the L768 and virtually no smearing on the L797 and CG19. That's because the L768 has a PVA panel while the other two have an IPS panel.

    I agree with previous posts that the L797 and certainly the CG19 are the best choice for photo editing if you want to stay with Eizo. I've seen the L768 and although its contrast is very good, I disliked the smearing effect the color shifts appearing even at not too large viewing angles.

    You may also want to look at NEC; the price of a NEC 2180UX (21" with 1600x1200 resolution) is somewhere in between the price of a L797 and a CG19, and its panel is of the same quality as the panel in the L797 and CG19. If you want to stay with a 19" and you are not editing photos for a living, I'd take the L797.

  • Quote

    I've seen the L768 and although its contrast is very good, I disliked the smearing effect the color shifts appearing even at not too large viewing angles.

    Yes, I'm not a designer, but I've noticed some color shift in the lower right corner of VA panels.
    This may be unacceptable for serious graphic work.
    I suppose things will improve with the Super-PVA technology.


    SAMSUNG's patented Super PVA is an upgraded PVA liquid crystal cell technology. The cell architecture accommodates eight, rather than the conventional four crystals, so that the liquid crystal molecules can be controlled in eight different directions and angles. This capability greatly enhances the side viewing-angle of the LCD screen.

    While they are improving response time using low viscosity liquid crystals and hardware acceleration (OverDrive).
    Eizo Italy says they have a not-multimedia monitor with OverDrive before the end of the year.
    (I don't know if it's trustworthy)

  • By "not-multimedia" you mean without speakers? Hehe.. that would be nice. L778 model is really suffering from those speakers. I dont get why Eizo would use such bad tricks to attract customers. There is no marketspace for them. I mean business people want small profile monitors and highend home users have hifi-eq and dont need stupid monitor speakers. Speakers is more for lowend TN panels with D-SUB only, that household fathers buys, they would never buy such an expensive monitor as L778.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by Yomat
    By "not-multimedia" you mean without speakers?

    It seems they will move the OverDrive from multimedia to office monitors.
    L778 would have high quality speakers, but surely it's not good they are not detachable.
    Another big lack (for a multimedia monitor) is the total video inputs absence.

    Eizo must engage better designers...

  • Just got the monitor last week. Thanks everyone for their help.

    Perfect except for a 1-2 dead pixels & some stuck pixels. I have posted the details in a subsequeent thread "dead pixels".


  • What about the noise of the Eizo 797? It has been sai dthat it produces a lot of sound...

    Are you happy with it concerning the noise?