This program should be able to fix dead pixels?

  • I was reading in a notebook forum, and the talk was about dead pixels.
    One guy claimed that this little program has about a 60% success rate in fixing stuck pixels.

    The file is an mp4 movie that displays green, red and blue, shifting very fast.
    The idea is that you should let the program run for a couple of hours.

    To me it sounds a little too good to be true, and fortunately I don't have any monitors with bad pixels, so I cannot test it.

    I like to know what you guys think about this?

  • Hehe. Yah. It was probably some internet prank you were exposed to. There are programs that help you 'detect' dead pixels though.

    However I belive some people have successfully 'massaged' a TFTs dead pixel and made it work. Low rate of success on that I would assume. And it probably wont work on all types of dead pixels.