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REVIEW: Eizo SX3031W-BK Part 14


The Eizo SX3031W is a solid screen with very good subjective image quality and an impressive black value. The minimum light density of 76 cd/m² is also convincing. This is largely due to the integrated S-PVA panel with its extended colour space.

The 12-Bit LUT and 16-Bit processing awaken high expectations regarding the calibration results which the Eizo SX3031W can only partially meet: for a monitor in this price range, we would expect UDACT certification to be a given. However, the 12-Bit LUT stands the model in good stead when it comes to colour gradients.

Normal users and gamers will be scared off by the price small number of signal inputs on the 30-inch model. Apart from this, the responsiveness of the monitor is good and input lag is acceptable at 30 ms or two frames.

The SX3031W’s integrated fan could irritate sensitive ears, but is hardly noticeable in normal working environments.

Users who would like a 30-inch monitor with good manufacturing quality, great subjective image quality and a contrast-rich S-PVA panel will find the right model in the Eizo SX3031W. However, this comes at a very high price.

An alternative would be the 305T+ from Samsung, though this works with just 8 bits per channel and does not allow any settings to be changed on the model (apart from brightness). For the price of one SX3031W, you could buy two Samsung 305T+ models. The 8-Bit Dell 3008WFP, which offers a better range of features, is also still € 700 cheaper.

Overall rating: GOOD

Technical specification: Eizo SX3031W

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