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REVIEW: Dell U2713H


The U2713H rounds off the top end of DELL's well known UltraSharp series. The new top of the range model replaces the proven U2711 and is targeted at users with high expectations in terms of accurate color reproduction.

For the first time, calibration corrections can be directly applied on a monitor hardware level. The software needed for this purpose is included with the monitor. In addition to this, two precalibrated display modes promise precise depiction of sRGB and AdobeRGB content even in environments that are not color management capable.

The 27 inch large AH-IPS panel is made by LG and sports a rather high 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution. The backlight consists of a novel GB-r-LED configuration. The gamut achieved through the interplay of backlight and panel filters reaches the same level as solutions based on WCG-CCFL tubes.

This creates the proper conditions for being able to productively work beyond the sRGB color space. And due to a high light output there is no need for any cost-intensive two dimensional configuration. This might in fact finally mark the end for cathode tubes in back lights.

The DELL U2713H (photo: DELL).

The programmable 14 bit LUT raises hopes for accurate and loss free processing of the signal fed through one of the numerous inputs. For purposes of improving image homogeneity the manufacturer integrated a compensation function.

Test bed

Color measuring device: X-Rite i1 Pro, X-Rite DTP94
Graphics card: EVGA GeForce GTX670
Software: iColor Display 7/3/04, UDACT, CCalc 2.0 (in house measuring tool), DELL Color Calibration Solution 1.0
External feeds: Lumagen RadianceXD, iScan VP50, OPPO BDP-93

Scope of supply

The screen ships with one DVI-D cable, one DisplayPort cable, one USB cable and one power cable. An HDMI cable is not included. The accompanying CD contains the complete manual, screenmanager software and DELL's Color Calibration Solution.

This can be used in tandem with the i1 Display Pro by X-Rite in order to hardware calibrate the U2713H. It is also available for download in its most recent version on DELL's homepage. The included fact sheet documents the factory calibration.

Design and mechanics

As for design, the DELL U2713H is very much in line with the UltraSharp series. Any kind of fancy playfulness in design was avoided in favor of simple and agreeable aesthetics. It is for the most part made of black matte plastic and only in some nuances can one detect differences to the earlier U2713HM.

The DELL U2713H.

The screen's bezel presents itself in a faintly brush finished look and is about 2 cm wide. Without the stand the case measures about 7 cm in depth. The total space required by the DELL U2713H is 20 cm and thus should be able to find its place on most desks without any problems.

Height adjustment in detail view.

The fabrication quality is good. Only in the lower front area could we find somewhat larger clearances between panel and bezel. It gives in slightly when pushed.

DELL U2713H at its lowest setting ...

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