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Eizo monitor test

Eizo provides an excellent freeware test utility allowing to perfectly fine-tune one's LCD monitor.

The test includes the following options: test pattern, reproduction of the colors black, white, red, green and blue, moiré patterns, geometry, grey scales, grey gradient, contrast, convergence, responsiveness test, and many more.

Dead Pixels

Searching a display for dead pixels is best done by simply filling the screen with one uniform color. The Eizo Monitor Test offers the colors white, red, green and blue (test images 2 to 6). If you detect small dots in the screen area, you are dealing with dead pixels. Before carrying out this test, the entire screen should be cleaned so it has no dust particles on it. The reason being that dust particles can reflect light, making them appear as dead pixels.

Fix flickering using the Autoadjust button

If your monitor is connected to the graphics card using an analog link, you may want to properly adjust Clock and Phase. For this purpose, there is either a designated button or OSD menu option which can be found in all monitors.

To find the right setting, choose a moiré pattern (image 7 or 8) or an image with small font size (image 22 or 23).


You can download the Eizo monitor test (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista) in EXE (1.002 KB) format or Zip (535 KB) from our website. It is a stand-alone application, so there is no need to install. Now the Eizo monitor test is also available for MacOSX.

The test utility is provided in cooperation with Avnet Technology Solutions GmbH.

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