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REVIEW: Eizo Foris FS2332-BK


Advertising the new Foris FS2332 as home entertainment monitor, the unit can be used in a wide field of operations, according to Eizo. Different from its predecessor, the display features an IPS panel, while size and resolution remain the same. In combination with high-grade electronics, namely a 10-bit LUT and an overdrive function, which is adjustable in three stages, the Eizo FS2332 is suitable for photo editing and gaming alike.

Versatile connectivity options, including two HDMI interfaces, allow for up to three devices to be connected digitally. LED backlight and EcoView function are an ideal combination to reduce power consumption effectively. Electronic features e.g. smart resolution and contrast enhancement are also provided. The various features of the Eizo FS2332 sound very promising, and we are very curious, if we will be convinced by the test performance of the FS2332.

Connected to the digital DVI input via DVI cable, the Eizo FS2332 is tested with a Gainward GTX 560. The colorimetric measurements are carried out using a spectrophotometer (EyeOne Pro) in combination with the iColor software from Quato and Colorimetre HCFR. To determine the minimum black level, we utilize a colorimeter (X-Rite DTP94). Responsible for external feed, we apply Sony’s BDP-S350 Blu-ray player, connected via HDMI cable.


Eizo-typical, the FS2332 is delivered in a lying position in a sparsely printed but robust box with outer dimensions of 65 x 21.5 x 48 centimetres (W x H x D). Transportation is facilitated by two side handles and the light weight of the Eizo FS2332. Packaging included, the monitor weighs only 8 kilograms. Monitor and base plate are separated from each other in the package. Fixed through two polystyrene parts, both elements are additionally protected by a smooth foam bag, while recesses in the polystyrene provide that monitor and accessories are safely separated from each other. The box itself provides sufficient space so that monitor and accessories can be comfortably unpacked and packed again.

As our test shows, the Eizo FS2332 is delivered with very economical cable supply. Simply DVI, audio and power cable accessories are provided with the monitor, plus a remote control, the required round cell battery of which is included, too. Moreover, there is a software CD, as well as the quick start guide and four screws for the VESA mount. Three coloured ribbons are intended for the self-assembly on the lower housing part of the Eizo FS2332.

Accessories provided with the Eizo FS2332.

Design and mechanics

Still, Eizo sturdily abstains from any flourish with its monitors, which is why the Eizo FS2332 also comes with an austere, but elegant matte-black housing. As the entire surface of the plastic cabinet is slightly roughened, one seeks in vain for glossy elements. A surface texture like that is virtually insensitive to scratches, fingerprints and dust. Surrounding the panel with a width of only 1.8 centimetres, the narrow frame is a good premise if multi-screen operation is desired. In order to offer sufficient space for the controls, the frame measures 2.4 centimetres at the lower edge. In addition, the user can stick on one of the three ribbons with the Eizo-typical colours red, blue and silver. Bent 35 degrees to the rear, the lower edge, and the colour stripes above, have to be sufficient for the user to satisfy the desire for a visual highlight.

Elegantly, but austere: the Eizo FS2332.

Unfortunately, the Eizo FS2332 does not provide height adjustment. Thus, the 10-inch distance from the lower screen edge to the desk is always fix, which is why users above 180 centimetres will say the Eizo FS2332 is too low on their desk. There’s no pivot function neither, only inclination can be changed by about 6 degrees forward and up to 22 degrees to the back to counteract the absence of height adjustment. Tilt shift is proceeded smoothly and with pleasant effort.

Eizo FS2332: Tilt shift ranges from about 6 degrees forward to 22 degrees backward.

The far side of the Eizo FS2332 is yet more unspectacular. The uniform matte-black cabinet surface is only interrupted by square air vents in patches; easily the manufacturer’s logo can be overseen. Elegant or simple and boring - beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Rear view of the Eizo FS2332: Inconspicuous restraint also applies here.

The base of the Eizo monitor FS2332 has yet to be installed, but mounting it is very simple. While the monitor is in lying position, the base plate can be attached to the housing and tightened with a screw – no screwdriver needed – and you are done with the assembly. Despite its compact contact surface, the base of the Eizo FS2332 is very stable. Vibrations and oscillations are absorbed well, and six rubber pads very effectively prevent the FS2332 from starting to slip.

The small but stable base has yet to be mounted.

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