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REVIEW: LG Flatron W2363V Part 15


At first sight the LG W2363V impresses with its unusual and elegant design. The touch-sensitive control buttons are invisibly integrated into the white front bezel. Smartly designed connectors for headphones and HDMI console or player are mounted at the left side of the cabinet. Three digital inputs underline its suitability as an HD-capable multimedia display.

Unfortunately the initial enthusiasm fades quickly. In particular, the panel is very disappointing because of its excessive viewing angle dependency: recent TN panels most often perform significantly better. While the overall grayscale resolution is still consistent, brightest hues turn into white too soon. Backlight bleeding becomes visible with dark images, and the uneven illumination intensifies the disappointing impression. The excellent contrast ratio of 1.000:1 as well as the fine anti-glare coating finally do not help much.

Gamers will pay particular attention to LG’s Thru-Mode, which actually reduces the input lag. But they will be disappointed, too: even in Thru-Mode a latency of one frame persists, in normal mode there are even two. That’s just enough for amateur players qualities. Useful, however, is its rather rare ability to display almost any standard resolution with an aspect ratio of 1:1. This is even more important because the interpolated performance with non-native resolutions is mostly just mediocre. The response time is very good, as with all monitors of this class.

Videos with refresh rates of 50 and 60 Hz are processed without judder. The deinterlacing of half frame based images is satisfactory. Video enthusiasts will miss the 24p playback, but the maximum luminance of 290 cd/m² could possibly compensate for that. Without a PC via the DVI connector, there are not much scaling options, and the HDMI inputs are limited to AV levels. The audio signal may finally be used for some nice looking lighting effects - but where are the speakers?

Disappointing at least is also the base. Tilting the screen back and forward a little - that's it with the ergonomics. Creaking noise, a swaying display and thin plastic parts give the impression of a very cheap construction. Behind the beautiful façade of the W2363V there is not much real quality – too bad.

Overall rating: SATISFACTORY

Technical specifications: LG W2363V

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