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REVIEW: Iiyama ProLite G2773HS-GB1


To celebrate its 20th year in business, Iiyama has presented a real HD gamer monitor in the form of the ProLite G2773HS, which should shine with a refresh rate of 120Hz, a response time of 1 ms and an unbelievable contrast of 5 000 000:1. Iiyama’s G series is designed for gamers, and with this 27 inch monitor, Iiyama is promising brilliant HD video quality and the highest level of gaming enjoyment.

Thus, the TN panel monitor, which has a black glossy design, is not humble when it comes to praising its gaming and film qualities. In this test, we will investigate whether the monitor’s claims are justified and to what extent it can be used for other tasks.

Scope of supply

The securely packed monitor is delivered in a glossy black box with white and yellow text and comes with a handle for transportation. The 27-inch  monitor itself weighs just 5.6 kg and is therefore easy to transport. The range of accessories is clear and covers all the essentials. As well as a VGA and DVI-D cable, an audio and a power cable are provided. Unfortunately, the monitor does not come with a HDMI cable, so if needed, this must be obtained separately.

A multilingual getting started guide and a leaflet with safety tips complete the scope of supply. No driver or monitor is included with the monitor, so the user must be content with the none too reader-friendly multilingual leaflet and hope that the controls are intuitive. An easy to read getting started guide which also explains the OSD menu can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, along with drivers for the monitor.

Monitor accessories.

Design and mechanics

The black glossy Iiyama ProLite G2773HS has a broad base plate, which is also glossy. The back of the monitor is matte black. The 27-inch monitor looks slim. Only the joint for tilting the screen, which is located on the back, hidden behind a plastic cover, looks somewhat bulky and interrupts the monitor’s slim appearance.

There are no conventional buttons on the monitor. The controls take the form of sensor buttons, which are integrated seamlessly into the frame of the monitor on the lower right hand side and which are used by touching the symbols printed on them.

Frontal view of the Iiyama G2773HS.

The frame is 22 mm wide at the sides and 35 mm at the bottom. The text Iiyama and the model type ProLite G2773HS are printed in discreet grey on the frame. The symbols for the OSD menu controls can be seen on the bottom right. Two speakers are also integrated into the monitor’s frame.

The lower edge of the monitor’s frame is around 5.9 cm above the desk surface. Only the tilting angle of the screen can be adjusted; this can be changed to up to 20 degrees backwards.

Front and back of the Iiyama monitor.

The softly rounded, wide base plate is made of plastic and is mounted by slotting it onto the monitor arm. The monitor is connected securely with the base plate by means of two plastic tabs, which lock into place. This connection can also be released with some skill; there is no need for any tools.

Screw holes for a VESA fixture are also located on the back of the monitor, along with a tab for a Kensington lock. The hole provided for a cable holder cable routing is practical and can be used for cable routing.

Glossy stand and matte back.

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