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With the VG278HE, Asus presents its successor to the VG278H which was also previously reviewed by us. On the outside, both displays look identical except for the lack of a 3D glasses receiver, and also from a technical standpoint there are many similarities. The VG278HE features a 27 inch TN-Panel sporting a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, brightness of 300 cd/m² and response time of 2 ms.

The biggest technical innovation compared to its predecessor is the capability to run the refresh rate at 144 Hz, something we have never come across in any of the displays we reviewed so far. For this reason we are going to primarily focus on the gaming aspects of this display since that is where this technology can really shine.

All results published in this review were established using the DVI output on an Nvidia GTX 580 by Asus. For external feeds of video content we used Sony's Blu-Ray player BDP-S350, which we connected to the player directly via HDMI cable.

Scope of supply

The monitor came packaged in a cardboard box separated from accessories and monitor stand by two large and sturdy styrofoam elements.

Included accessories

The screen comes with a VGA cable, a DVI cable, an audio cable, a network cable, a short instructions manual, a CD, and a certificate of guarantee. There are no 3D glasses in the package, as opposed to the predecessor model which could only be bought bundled with glasses.

Design and mechanics

Prior to operating it, the monitor stand needs to be mounted to the actual Asus VG278HE using two screws. Both screws come with fold out clips so no tools are needed. The stand seems a bit heavier than the one of its predecessor but on the outside no differences can be noted.

The screen can be swiveled by 150 degrees in both directions which requires one to exert quite a bit of force however. Using one hand pulling at the side of the frame unfortunately is not enough. Both hands are needed to get it to move.

The reflective stand in high polish finish with its huge 3D logo is a matter of individual taste. We found the small labels at the edge of stand to be more annoying though. These are identical to the predecessor model which is also why one of them wrongly says "120 Hz".

Stand with 3D logo in the middle and labels on the edge.

Compared to the preceding model, the shutter glass receiver was ditched while the rest of the design was kept unchanged. The almost 2 cm wide frame comes, just as the entire front side, in a reflective finish. Only the inner side of the frame is kept in a matt finish in order to avoid reflections of the image displayed. The lower frame features the OSD buttons including their labels as well as the manufacturer's logo and the HDMI logo.

Front view of the monitor.

The backside of the monitor is kept in a matt finish with nothing specific to be found except perhaps for an unobtrusive manufacturer logo. The stand, which is mounted to VESA 100 drill holes, needs to be removed if an alternative stand is to be used.

Back side and VESA drill holes in close up view.

The VG278HE can be shifted in height within a range of 10 cm. When set to its lowest position the distance of the lower edge of the frame to the desk is about 6 cm, in its highest position it is 10 cm more. It allows for continuous height adjustment but doing so requires more force and effort than usual. Pivoting is not supported by this display.

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It would be good to test the newly publicized LightBoost strobe backlight tweak -- it produces the CRT zero motion blur effect.

The tweak eliminates LCD motion blur and results in a PixPerAn readability test score of 30 on the ASUS VG278H! This is a CRT league score.

Google "LightBoost zero motion blur" or see the discussion thread:

PC Games Hardware Germany has covered it: - LightBoost Strobe-Hack

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