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Following the discontinuation of the CG303W, the CG275W is the largest model in the Eizo "ColorGraphic" series. Its 27-inch panel is a H-IPS variant from LG and is also used in the Eizo SX2762W, for example. The resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels is only barely exceeded, even by 30-inch computer monitors. Thanks to the WCG-CCFL backlight, the colour range of the monitor is very good.

Eizo CG275W (Photo: Eizo)

One highlight of this monitor is its integrated colorimeter. This allows calibration and profiling to be carried out comfortably and without the need for additional checks using the "Color Navigator" software that is included in the latest Version 6, offering a large number of new functions. The programmable 16bit 3D-LUT transforms the input signal precisely, without any loss. The monitor also offers colour space emulation for working without colour management software.

Test environment

Colour measurement devices: X-Rite i1 Pro, X-Rite DTP94
Graphics card: Zotac GeForce GTX480
Software: iColor Display 3.7.4, UDACT, CCalc 2.0 (In-house measurement tool), Color Navigator
External players: Lumagen RadianceXD, iScan VP50, OPPO BDP-93

Scope of supply

The cable set provided includes DVI-D, DisplayPort, USB and power cables. A light shielding hood prevents unwanted light from shining on the screen and also combats undesired reflections. Users should not forget to attach this hood, especially when using the integrated colorimeter.

The most important component of the CD included is Version 6.0 of the Color Navigator software, which is updated to Version after installation. The disc also includes the full user manuals for the monitor and the software, with a short summary of these included in hard copy with the monitor. A two-sided information sheet is provided as proof of accurate factory calibration: this contains measurements related to the image homogeneity and the "base Gradation" achieved.

Design and mechanics

Despite the integrated colorimeter, the Eizo CG275W hardly differs from the SX2762W at all in terms of appearance. Unlike the CG245W, the model does not have a broad bar at the top edge of the screen. The colorimeter is "hidden" in the lower from and is hardly noticeable in its recessed position.

The integrated colorimeter in its recessed position.

The dark, rasped plastic casing is flawless and surrounds a massive metal cage.

The Eizo CG275W.

On the left and right hand sides, the frame is around 2.1cm wide. The upper section of the frame is about half a centimetre wider, whilst the lower part with the sensor measures a good 3.5cm.

Detailed view of height adjustment.

The manufacturing quality of the massive Eizo CG275W is flawless. We did not find any larger gaps. Only the controls did not quite match in with the monitor’s very high quality appearance, although they –like the panel- fit perfectly into place.

Eizo CG275W in its lowest position ...

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