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REVIEW: Eizo HD2441W-TS Part 9

Hot Key
This option enables the user to define key combinations for particular functions and settings. To carry out the corresponding function or adjust the corresponding setting, the user need only press the defined key combination.


ScreenManager Pro - Hot Key (Please click picture for enlarged view)

This option means that the Eizo HD2441W-TS can be timed to switch on and off. Up to eight time settings can be selected. The Day of the week option allows the user to decide whether the time settings are valid for every day or only for particular days of the week. In order to ensure that the timer works, the PC must be running and the ScreenManager Pro software must be started.


ScreenManager Pro - Timer (Please click picture for enlarged view)

Here, the user can change the sound settings comfortably using the mouse: Volume, Treble, Bass and Balance.


ScreenManager Pro - Sound (Please click picture for enlarged view)

Eizo ScreenManager Pro offers a whole range of sensible functions and setting options. Unfortunately, not all functions and settings on the HD2441W-TS can be accessed using the screen manager. We consider the timer function as unnecessary in this form, since it needs the PC to be switched on. The function would be more useful if the times could be transferred to the monitor without the need for the PC to run. Windows itself offers a very usable energy-saving function with which the monitor can be switched to standby mode, although it cannot be switched off completely. The detailed documentation in PDF format is only available in English and Japanese.

Eizo ScreenManager Pro is comprehensive and the functions and settings can be adjusted comfortably using the mouse. Unfortunately, the range of functions is very limited. Eizo should consider expanding the range of functions considerably and thereby increasing the value of ScreenManager Pro in terms of its use.

Image quality

The Eizo HD2441W-TS contains an S-PVA panel (Super Patterned Vertical Alignment) from Samsung, which is combined with a 10-Bit Look-up table. Internal colour value calculation is as accurate as 14 bits.

The clear advantage as compared with pure 8 Bit output for RGB is that settings such as contrast, colour temperature, gamma or RGB have no negative effect on the reproducible colour space. For the red, green and blue colour channels, all 256 gradients are always available. In practice, the monitor displays fine linear and radial colour gradients cleanly. Fine grey gradients are also displayed without visible stripes.

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