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REVIEW: Asus PA238Q Part 14


Viewing angle dependency: +
Contrast: ++
Color space: +
Subjective impression of image quality: ++
Shades of gray resolution: ++
Brightness allocation: +
Interpolation image quality: +
Fabrication of case / frame, mechanics: ++
Operating / OSD: ++
Suitable for occasional gamer: ++
Suitable for hardcore gamer: +
Suitable for DVD / Video: +
Price [incl. VAT. in Euros]:

++ sehr gut, + gut, +/- zufriedenstellend, - schlecht, -- sehr schlecht

Technical specifications


All told, the Asus PA238Q is a very persuasive monitor with just a few and minor weaknesses. On the positive side, the 23-inch model first and foremost boasts a high-quality finish and extensive ergonomic features – from height and tilt adjustment to the rotation and pivot function there is everything you need. The outward impression is rounded off with keys that offer crisp tactile feedback, which in combination with the reactive and comprehensive OSD leave nothing to be desired with regards to operation. Also, noise-sensitive users will welcome the completely noiseless operation of the PA238Q at all brightness levels.

Besides the external merits, inner values are also convincing: Both streaking and latency are at a very low level, which even semi-hardcore gamers will find satisfying. Graphic designers will find their selves happy with the – if only modest – pre-calibration, as well as with the fulfilment of the demanding UGRA criteria, making the PA238Q suitable for use in the sRGB colour space. The coverage of 94.5 percent does not, however, meet the manufacturer's specification, but presents an outstanding value for a monitor with LED backlight and guarantees neutral colours, even in a non-managed environment. In addition to the high contrast and excellent greyscale differentiation, we like to acknowledge the overall image quality of the IPS panel.

Admittedly, the 23-inch display shows mild weaknesses at steep viewing angles: Especially at darker greyscales, there is a change of colour in the magenta range. However, this effect is lacking practical relevance. A slightly stronger criticism, however, is the uneven distribution of brightness in the upper corners, which, at a closer look, also strikes the eye in practice. Another flaw in the short list of negative points is the power consumption of a maximum 41.1 watts, which for an LED backlight is rather high and therefore might increase your electricity bill. Due to the related high waste heat, it inhibits typical LED slim design.

Given the consistently good to very good performance in all application areas, we find the current price of 340.00 Euros appropriate. Naturally, the Asus PA238Q is not able to compete with professional graphics monitors from NEC or Eizo Quato, but it costs only a fraction. This is good value for money and, compared to the competition, the 23-inch display deserves a, though extremely scarce, very good rating. Right now, it is probably one of the best all-rounders in the 23-inch segment.

Directly compared to the Dell U2312HM, the Asus seems a tad better. Additional features, such as Picture-in-Picture function, make the difference in assessment. Especially with respect to image homogeneity, reaction behaviour (users are allowed to adjust the overdrive) and interpolation, the Asus has more to offer. The Dell, on the other hand, offers its performance at a much lower price. In our opinion, the slightly better partial results do not quite compensate the price premium of the Asus.

In fact, both monitors are a good choice. Smart spenders grab the Dell, but those who value interpolation, image uniformity and a controllable Overdrive, will opt for the Asus. Both are definitely top all-rounders.

Overall rating: VERY GOOD

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