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Asus ProArt models, as their name implies, are in particular targeted towards professional users. For this reason, the PA238Q bears an IPS panel with a resolution of 1,920 to 1,080 (16:9), which in addition to its generous viewing angles of 178 degrees, a native contrast ratio of 1,000:1 and full coverage of the sRGB colour space also features a ten-bit LUT. However, the 23-inch screen has to offer some delicacies in practical terms, too: Lavish ergonomic features allow height adjusting, portrait mode and rotating.

When it comes to video inputs, the PA238Q meets the average requirements of a modern user with VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. In line with other manufacturers before, Asus uses an energy-efficient LED BLU for the backlight. Nevertheless, the 23-incher is said to have a maximum power consumption of 65 watts. Rather low for an IPS panel, the response time of 6 ms (grey to grey) is also worth mentioning, making the monitor a good buy for players, who also place some value on image quality.

A special highlight for professional users, the pre-calibration guarantees a maximum deltaE of 5 and a high degree of naturalness in colour reproduction ex factory. Additionally, a so-called "QuickFit" feature allows real-size reproduction of documents and photos.

All in all, the PA238Q transfers professional performance found merely in monitors much more expensive and larger, to a moderately priced 23-inch diagonal. Read your in-depth Prad review whether the Asus PA238Q is able to validate this impression.

Scope of supply

The Asus PA238Q is delivered in a fairly lightweight, printed cardboard. Already mounted, foot stand and panel do not need to be assembled, Markedly, the scope of supply is very extensive: With VGA, DVI and even a DisplayPort cable almost all video inputs (apart from HDMI input) can be used immediately. A 3.5 mm audio cable for looping the sound signal and a power cable for power supply round off the range of cables.

Other extras involve a quick reference guide, a calibration report, a VIP member notice, a CD with a full manual and a cable tie.

Thrills with its extensive range of cables: the lush scope of supply.

Design and mechanics

The exterior of the PA238Q is presented simple and timeless: The entire, slightly rough surface of both device and foot stand is covered with matt black, which compared to the trendy high-gloss look provides some advantages: By that, the surface is far less susceptible to micro scratches, dust and fingerprints, thus making the monitor easier to maintain.

Proven Design: The PA238Q at its maximum height.

The red line at the bottom of the frame and, placed at centre, the manufacturer's logo held in chrome-look, put an upper-class emphasis on the design. Also extraordinary: the triangular foot, the head of which points toward the viewer. Clearly visible, the control element of the Asus PA238Q is placed right and thus conveniently situated. Furthermore, small plastic covers on the back reveal four screws, which, if detached, allow to dismantle the foot stand, making the option of using a monitor arm available.

The PA238Q in lowest position, seen from front and rear side.

Concerning ergonomic features, the 23-inch is able to play its trump cards: The height adjustment works a bit clumsy indeed, but virtually silent, and allows a ten-centimetre change.

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