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REVIEW: Iiyama ProLite B2475HDS-B1


In order to grant the wishes of our readers for considerably more reviews, we will also offer short tests on various LCD monitors in the future. These are also tested using the technology available to us and assessed based on our experience. However, the test will generally be published within a few days, so they cannot have the same level of detail as a standard test. Nonetheless, we intend to provide a competent evaluation in a nutshell.

The first model we have tested using this process is the Iiyama B2475HDS, a 24-inch FullHD LED monitor with a 2 ms fast TN panel.

The scope of supply apart from the monitor itself is as follows: Quickstart Guide, audio cable, power cable, DVI cable, D-Sub cable and the base plate together with screw. The manual can be downloaded directly from Iiyama as a PDF file.

Design and mechanics

The good news first of all: the surfaces are not made of glossy material, but instead of matte black plastic. It seems that the manufacturer could only not forego it when it came to the top section of the monitor pillar. The material does not give the impression that it is of particularly high quality, but the quality is appropriate for the price of the monitor. The manufacturing quality can be seen as good. Only the lower frame does not lie precisely on the panel in all areas, but the spaces are minimal.

Iiyama B2475HDS: frontal view, side and maximum tilting angles backwards. (Pictures: Iiyama)

The monitor is delivered unattached to the stand (base plate), which can be mounted using one screw, with no need for additional tools. Ergonomically, the Iiyama B2475HDS is a modern monitor and offers adjustment of the tilting angle (3° forwards and 20° backwards), a side rotation function, height adjustment and rotation into portrait mode (pivot). The height adjustment makes slight scraping sounds, but moves smoothly. For transporting the monitor, a metal pin is slotted into place to prevent the monitor from moving.

Iiyama B2475HDS: Front and back at maximum height and in portrait mode. (Pictures: Iiyama)

The plastic disc mounted under the stand, which allows the monitor to be turned, does not seem to be of high quality and turning the monitor is not very convenient overall. When pivoted, the screen is completely level. In landscape mode, some corrections have to be made. The manufacturing quality is appropriate.

Video of the Iiyama B2475HDS. (Video: misterj64 YouTube)

The round stand guarantees that the monitor stands securely on the desk. The distance between the lower edge of the monitor and the desk surface is about 10.5 centimetres and can be adjusted a total of 11 centimetres in height. The frame is 2 centimetres wide at the top and sides and is slightly oval at the bottom. At the widest point, the width of the frame is about 3 centimetres.

Iiyama B2475HDS: Controls and blue operational LED.

The controls are positioned below the bottom frame. Use of these is inconvenient, since the mini-labelling on the front of the frame (AUTO, +, -, MENU and power) cannot be seen in a darkened room. Only the buttons for volume and ECO, marked with white symbols, are clearly visible. The blue LED which signals the operational mode, is also located under the frame and cannot be seen from the front. The OSD has all the necessary functions. The luminance can only be changed directly in the OSD, which is impractical.

Iiyama B2475HDS: Monitor pillar with piano lacquer feature and Iiyama logo, securing clip for cable and metal locking pin.

The connectors can be found on the back of the monitor, along with a 100 mm VESA mounting fixture. The monitor arm is also attached to this and has a plastic clip on the back which serves as a cable holder.

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