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With the PB278Q, Asus targets professional users with a new 27 inch screen that sports a 16:9 aspect ratio, a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution and an LED backlight. The WQHD resolution ensures that details are reproduced accurately as well as providing users lots of screen real estate. In addition, the PLS panel of this ergonomically flexible monitor promises not only high viewing angle stability but also full coverage of the sRGB color space.

Its swivel stand with height adjustment and pivot function is subtly complemented with a bar in order to also function as a simple cable duct. Also in terms of inputs, the PB278Q presents itself as quite flexible: next to the analog VGA input and a digital DVI input there is also an HDMI input and a DisplayPort input.

Asus specifies the response time for gray to gray transitions at 5 ms. For specifying the contrast ratio Asus uses its own scale and states an outlandishly high value of 80 million : 1. Whether this is something that makes this high resolution screen also suitable for image editing and gaming, we are about to clarify in the following review.

Scope of supply

The Asus PB278Q is delivered in a nondescript cardboard box with carry handle which weighs in at around 12 kg. The monitor itself weighs about 8.8 kg. The list of accessories accompanying the screen is quite long: Next to a power cable and an analog VGA cable, additional cables included are one each for DVI-Dual-Link, HDMI, audio and DisplayPort. A narrow bar is used to attach the cables to the stand of the monitor.

Further included are a quick manual and a warranty card. Drivers and a detailed PDF manual can be downloaded from Asus' website.

Accessories and stand.

Design and mechanics

In keeping the PB278Q all matte black, Asus went with a sober elegance design statement. The overall impression is characterized by clear outlines and blunted edges. Except for a narrow decorative strip, which gives the support arm and the outer display frame an embellishing mirror finish, the monitor is kept all matte black.

Printed on the front bezel are the chrome colored manufacturer logo, input options, as well as OSD menu descriptions. The nearly invisible control elements come in the form of push buttons and are located on the underside of the right hand side of the front bezel. The power button additionally has an LED.

Simple and elegant: Front view of the Asus PB278Q.

The rectangular shaped black stand of the PB278Q makes a solid impression. It is plugged into the support arm and secured with a screw. The display's bezel is kept narrow, measuring 20 mm at the top and at the sides and 26 mm at the bottom. The minimum distance from the underside of the display bezel to the desk is 52 mm.

Support arm with cable duct and labeling.

The Asus PB278Q convinces not only with its aesthetical qualities, but also with its ergonomic capabilities The metal plate reinforced stand features a rotary plate which allows the monitor to be swiveled 60 degrees to the left and to the right.

In addition, the support arm provides 120 mm lift as well as a pivot function to turn the screen into portrait mode. The tilt of the screen can be adjusted within a range of +5 to -20 degrees. These appealing ergonomic specs are also printed onto the support arm itself.

Both height adjustment as well as pivoting work flawlessly.

In case the provided ergonomic capabilities are not enough, there is the possibility to either attach a different mount using the VESA100 fixture on the rear side or to wall mount it. For this purpose the monitor's own support arm needs to be completely removed. The display also provides a Kensington lock.

There are plenty of ventilation slots on the PB278Q for the display and its integrated power supply unit. The top of the display's bezel features many small ventilation slots. In addition to this, the border of the stepped rear wall is almost completely fitted with ventilation slots. This monitor is very unlikely to have any problems in terms of heat dissipation even in warm environments, least of all because the LED backlight with its accordingly low power consumption contributes to an overall very low heat generation.

The PB278Q is fitted with an abundance of ventilation slots.

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