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REVIEW: Iiyama ProLite E1900S-B2 Part 2

Design and mechanics

The Iiyama E1900S-B2 comes in black, has nevertheless gained the TCO 03 certification, as the ergonomic guidelines of the TCO have been revised in the meantime. LCDs with black frames are no longer downgraded because of it; formerly these units only received the TCO 99 accreditation, although they are really just as ergonomic as the models with light colored frames. Only the orange sticker pointing out the 2ms image build up time adds a bit of color.

If you want an all-black LCD you’ve come to the right place with the Iiyama E1900S-B2.

The housing framework is 1.6 cm wide on all sides. The bottom edge has a 2.6 cm wide ledge accommodating the speakers and the control keys. The entire bottom framework thus measures 4.2 cm.

Thanks to a narrow footprint and housing the depth of the Iiyama is relatively small.

The Iiyama E1900S-B2 only has a 20° backward inclination adjustment capability. So it is neither turnable nor height adjustable. There is also no pivot function. From an ergonomic viewpoint this is not ideal, as, among other things, neck strain can be the result of incorrectly aligned monitors. Take a look at our ergonomics-special in this respect.

The mechanical functions we tested with our own apparatus were without fault; it is neither too roughly nor too smoothly geared.

Even the back of the E1900S-B2 is all-black

On the back of its housing, on the left, right and top, the Iiyama has rather large air vents. Small insects, tempted by the backlight could easily find their way into the housing. There is no cable duct available.

According to the Iiyama Homepage and data sheet the monitor can be set up like the VESA100-Standard. The drill holes required for assembly can be easily recognized on the above picture.

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