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The EW2430 is a representative of BenQ's multimedia display series. The 24-inch display with full HD resolution attracts attention with elegant piano-black finish, delivering an interesting contrast to its brushed aluminium surface. Whereas the A-MVA panel provides viewing-angle stable image reproduction, energy-saving LED backlighting and the numerous connections also belong to the technical advantages.

Offering HDMI, DVI-D, VGA and audio ports, as well as built-in stereo speakers and a USB quartet, the BenQ EW2430 is a multimedia expert. BenQ Senseye 3 technology enables the user to switch between six preset picture modes. Since BenQ limits adjustment possibilities to the ordinary tilt function, ergonomic advantages, however, remain in the background.

Scope of supply

With bundled accessories, the BenQ EW2430 complies with the standards: Only power supply and VGA cables are revealed from the box, as well as the quick start guide and a CD. Audio and USB cables are delivered for the multi media connections, but DVI and HDMI cables, as so often, are missing.

Scope of supply of the BenQ EW2430: Many cables, but DVI and HDMI are missing.

Optics and mechanics

Widely covered with piano black, the BenQ EW2430 has an elegant appearance, which is eased through brushed aluminium silver at the base and alongside the panel. On the front, only the illuminated main switch and a few discreet printed labels catch one’s sight.

Front view of the BenQ EW2430 with aluminium appliqué.

Made of genuine metal, the high-grade stand gives the monitor sound foothold. Inclination can be adjusted about 3 degrees forward and 17 degrees backwards, the hinge glides perfectly without creaking or getting jammed. There are, however, no more ergonomic options.

Also covered with shiny black, the reverse side accommodates the control keys on the right and the 4-port USB hub on the left side. Centred around the manufacturer’s logo in the middle, there is a VESA 100 mounting interface.

Lateral view with control keys (left) and USB hub (right).

Unlike most monitors with LED backlight, the PSU of the EW2430 is located within the monitor housing. Therefore, a ventilation grille is provided, making the silhouette appear not much slimmer than the outlines of CCFL devices.

Back of the monitor with ventilation grille and VESA mount.


The EW2430 is switched on with the frontal main switch, which will show operating state by lighting up green. In standby mode, it will change its colour to yellow-orange. Being quite bright in both states, lighting is neither defeatable nor dimmable.

Operating noise

During testing, the screen proves to be completely silent, even if the brightness of the backlight is reduced. As the noise level can be subject to a wide series scatter, our assessment does not have to be true for all devices in a series equally.

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