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REVIEW: LG Flatron IPS235V Part 8

Interpolation: Games

In the game Starcraft 2, the above results can be confirmed: the two higher resolutions demonstrated blurring, whilst the two lower resolutions delivered very good results. The good results were visible in both modes, but in return, the user has to live with a distorted image or with large black bands at the sides.

Left: resolution 1,680 x 1,050 (16:10) and right: 1,600 x 900 (16:9).

Left: resolution 1,280 x 1,024 (5:4) and right 1,024 x 768 (4:3).

The interpolation performance for the lower resolutions was so good that the monitor would have earned an overall rating of "good" in this section. However, we did not award this mark, since there is no mode for enlargement of the image with the correct aspect ratio and as a result, the user always has to compromise between large black bands on all sides or a distorted image.


We carried out measurements on the IPS235V in its native resolution at 60 Hz via DVI connection. The monitor was restored to its factory settings for the measurements.

Image construction time and acceleration behaviour

We measure the image construction time for a black-white change and also for the best grey-to-grey change. In addition, we also measure the average value for our 15 measuring points.

The data sheet of the IPS235V indicates a response time of 5 milliseconds (Grey-to-grey), which would be a very fast value for an IPS panel. We measured considerably longer values of 20.5 milliseconds for the fastest grey change and 16.6 milliseconds for black-white changes.

Leisurely switching times without overshoots.

There is no overdrive option in the OSD. The luminance gradients measured demonstrate a neutral acceleration without overshoots. The rise and fall times are about the same length. At most measuring points, the change in luminance has been completed after 1.5 frames.


We measure the lag as the sum of the signal delay time and half of the average image change time. The signal delay, which is of interest for gamers, is a very short 1.1 milliseconds on the IPS235V. However, an additional 13.6 milliseconds must be added until the target luminance is reached, which means that the average total lag is no longer very short, measuring 14.7 milliseconds.

Subjective evaluation

In some games, faint streaks could be observed. However, occasional gamers should only notice these if they are very sensitive to streaks. The monitor can be recommended for use in games to any other users. On the other hand, hardcore gamers should notice this effect, so the model is only suitable for them to a limited extent.

DVD and Video

The LG IPS235V has a HDMI connection, so we used this input on the monitor during the following tests. Sound signals sent to the monitor via Blu-Ray player can be reproduced via the headphone connection; the monitor does not have integrated speakers. The volume can be turned up sufficiently high and the sound quality is absolutely sufficient for films depending on the headphones or speakers used.

The monitor’s Film mode displays a spit image opposite the standard settings so that the user can compare both well and see which screen he or she prefers. If Film mode is selected, the user cannot change any image settings apart from the luminance, so the mode cannot be changed any further. The contrast in the Film mode seems to be considerably higher and the colours look stronger as well. Such settings may be much more appealing for films.

Since many DVD or Blu-Ray films come in 2.35:1 cinema format, these are played back with black bands, in spite of the monitor’s 16:9 format. Especially when such films are viewed, the aforementioned effects in the lower left and upper right hand corners appear more clearly and are similar to an IPS glow effect. They are also perceived more clearly because one generally watches films more often in darkened rooms.

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