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REVIEW: Dell U2713HM Part 9


The lag is an important value for gamers. We measure this as the sum of the signal delay time and half of the average switching time. On the U2713HM, we measure a longer signal lag of 15.5 milliseconds, but the integrated scaler probably contributes to this value.

A further 7.1 milliseconds pass until the target luminance is achieved, giving rise to the average total lag of 22.6 milliseconds. This is probably a tad too much for fans of particularly fast first person shooters, but other users will not notice it at all.


The backlight on the U2713HM uses the white LED technology that is currently popular. Unlike most other monitors, however, the popular PWM technology is not used here, with this model using truly rare power control.

The luminance gradient measured shows that the backlight is illuminated continually at full luminance (red curve on the chart). When the luminance is reduced to 140 cd/m² at the workspace (yellow curve), the luminance curve decreases evenly, without any sign of timing or waviness. Backlight flickering, therefore, does not occur – this is certainly a welcome feature for many users who are plagued by this problem.

Flicker-free LED backlight with power control.

Subjective assessment

In practice, the U2713HM lived up to what the measurements indicated: hardly visible streaking when windows or the cursor were moved in Windows, but on the other hand, the overdrive is so moderately implemented that no corona effects or other overdrive side effects can be observed.

In our gaming test, we did not notice the signal lag. Here, it is likely that only a gaming fanatic would notice a difference.


The U2713HM has neither internal speakers nor any audio ports.

DVD and Video

With its HDMI port, the U2713HM is also ideal for playback in multimedia applications, especially for external playback. Video resolutions (e.g. 1080p, 720p) are accepted without difficulty and interpolated in good quality to the monitor resolution. The user can also play material back at a frame rate of 24 Hz and therefore, playing back 24p material (e.g. Bluray) is not a problem via HDMI.

Test of video features.

The U2713HM has a "Film" image mode. However, this mode features a very high colour temperature and strong image sharpening. The monitor’s Standard or User-Defined modes are more suitable for film enjoyment.

In this configuration, the U2713HM performs very well in video mode. HD content is displayed sharply and crisply on the screen and the contrast is also good. Interpolation of FullHD to the native panel resolution is hardly even noticeable in films. The response times are absolutely sufficient for videos and even in faster camera pans, no negative effects can be seen. The very good viewing angle performance means that it is possible for several people to enjoy a video evening on this monitor.

Scaling and deinterlacing

The freely configurable aspect ratio means that video material can always be configured correctly. 16:9 content is, of course, no problem, since the 4:3 aspect ratio can be selected via the OSD.

The monitor accepted the BluRay’s 1080i resolution without difficulty and produced a good quality image. On the other hand, when it came to 576i, the image flickered strongly, so this playback mode cannot be recommended.


The U2713HM does not always use its entire screen surface in a pixel-precise manner, so there is no overscan. The OSD also does not offer any option to activate overscan.

Colour models and signal level

The U2713HM does not offer any option for adjusting the expected range of hues. For playback in the RGB colour model, the monitor assumes PC levels (0-255), whilst video levels (16-235) are assumed for playback in the YpbPr colour model. Therefore, the hues should be adjusted correctly fir most device combinati9ons. Nonetheless, manual configuration options would have been desirable.

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