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REVIEW: Eizo HD2441W-TS Part 11

Left picture shows the viewing angle from the right and right picture shows frontal view.

Top picture shows the viewing angles from below and the bottom picture shows the viewing angles from above.

The subject image quality on the Eizo HD2441W-TS is excellent. The screen also performs well in terms of illumination and brightness distribution. The monitor also just about manages a rating of very good for viewing angle stability.

Measurements and Calibration

To measure the colour space and colour fidelity of the Eizo HD2441W-TS and also to calibrate the monitor, we used the Colorimeter Silver Haze Pro (x-rite model DTP94) and Quatographic’s iColor-Software. We then tested the model’s suitability for graphics application work according to the UGRA criteria. You can view all details in our calibration report.


  Goal Measured
2.2 2.2
6500 6495
140,0 139,2


isocoated korrekturkurve

Left: monitor colour space (black line) compared to ISO Coated printing colour space (white line). Right: correction curve after calibration. Please click pictures for enlarged view and explanation of graphs.

The ISO Coated printing colour space is covered well by the HD2441W-TS. On the RGB correction curve, the three RGB colours are very close to each other and almost make a line on the 45 degree axis. This means that only very few colour tones need to be discarded by the graphics card.

adobergb srgb

Left picture: Colour space comparison of Adobe-RGB and (right picture) of sRGB colour space (grey-white line) with the reproducible colour space of the Eizo HD2441W-TS (coloured line). Please click pictures for enlarged view.

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