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REVIEW: Eizo HD2441W-TS Part 17

Scene from the HDTV clip "Coral Reef Adventure" (The video is in 16:9 format).

Regardless of whether the film is played directly via the PC or via an external source such as a DVD player, the display quality on the Eizo HD2441W-TS is excellent. It does not matter if the film comes on DVD, Blu-ray or simply as a video clip – the result is the same.

The following is a comparison of a film scene from ´Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children´:


Source: Philips DVP5980 DVD player via HDMI (Please click picture for enlarged view)


Source: Sony PlayStation 3 via HDMI (Please click picture for enlarged view)


Source: PC with InterVideo WinDVD via DVI-D (Please click picture for enlarged view)

In video mode, the widescreen monitor fully demonstrates its strengths and impresses the viewer with excellent image quality. For the performance it has achieved and demonstrated, we award the Eizo HD2441W-TS a rating of very good in terms of DVD and video.

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