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REVIEW: BenQ XL2420T 120Hz


As with its predecessor, the XL2410T, BenQ has enlisted the help of pro gamers during the development of the XL2420T in order to design the perfect monitor for gamers. The basic data have remained identical: a 24-inch panel with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a response time of two milliseconds.

However, the BenQ XL2420T has seen big changes on the outside, which have won it two design awards, and the interior values have also been enhanced. The luminance has been increased by 50 cd/m², the frequency range has also been expanded and the already abundant connectors have acquired an additional HDMI and a new DisplayPort connection.

A switch beside the stand should allow fast control and navigation, the Black eQualizer brightens dark areas in games without over-illuminating bright details and the Game Mode Loader even allows the user to download personal settings from various pros.

The results published in this test were obtained via the digital DVI output of a Radeon HD 6970 from Asus. The monitor’s 3D mode was tested using an Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 from Gigabyte. We used the Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray player to test the external playback of video material, connected HDMI cable.

Impressions of the BenQ XL2420T in moving pictures as a YouTube video.

Scope of supply

The following accessories are included along with the monitor itself: a DVI, a VGA, a USB and a power cable. A CD with a driver and a detailed manual as well as various Getting Started guides and a handy hints sheet. As special accessories, the monitor comes with a switch for easy control of the OSD and a black cover for the screen for transport.

BenQ XL2420T: Accessories provided.

Design and mechanics

The stand consists of two sections and must be assembled before use. As our test shows, this can be done without tools. Taking the stand apart is also no problem and is done using a simple locking mechanism and a release button. The stand is sufficiently large and makes a good overall impression. When we pushed against the desk, the vibrations were only passed on to the monitor to a small extent. The BenQ XL2420T’s black stand has a cable routing solution which stands out in red plastic and a red hook for holding a headset towards the top. Although this can be removed, doing so leaves a rather unpleasant hole, for which no cover is provided.

BenQ XL2420T: Stand viewed from above and below.

The entire monitor is made of black, matte material. The only place where the typical black piano lacquer only appears on this model in the form of a small strip on the side frame of the screen. However, since the inner frame of the BenQ XL2420T is very large, contents may still reflect somewhat in it.

View of the BenQ XL2420T from the front.

The stand has been mounted at the height of the VESA 100 holes and covers them accordingly. The middle section is made of glossy piano lacquer, whilst the remainder is made from a matte material. The curve on the right hand side conceals a headphone connection, accessible from the side, and two USB 2.0 ports.

BenQ XL2420T: Back of the monitor.

The height of the monitor can be adjusted and it can also be turned into pivot mode, with both settings selected without steps; the BenQ XL2420T does not lock into place at any point. The test shows that the display can be moved to a pleasantly low position, with the distance between the lower frame and the desk measuring just four centimetres. In this setting, however, the handle of the stand can be seen, which can be somewhat unattractive in appearance. In the highest setting, the distance between the lower frame and the desk is 17 centimetres.

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