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REVIEW: Eizo CG246


Eizo has recently added several new models and two new product lines to its ColorEdge range of monitors. As part of this portfolio update, the CG246 replaces the CG245, which was the first model to include a colourimeter. Naturally, the successor model also provides this special feature. Using the software included with the monitor (Color Navigator), the hardware can be calibrated without the need for an external sensor.

Whereas the CG245 was still illuminated using WCG CCFL tubes, Eizo is now opting for a special LED backlighting concept. The gamut provided by the 24-inch IPS panel is in no way narrower than that of the predecessor model. This means you can continue to work with AdobeRGB and perform sophisticated CMYK soft proofing with excellent accuracy. The native monitor resolution is 1920x1200 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:10.

Front and rear of the Eizo CG246.

The programmable 3D LUT stores all the required tonal value transformations at 16-bit precision. Thanks to versatile colour space emulation, the display values can be specified very accurately even in situations where software colour management is not available.

Test environment

Colour measurement devices: X-Rite i1 Pro, X-Rite DTP94
Graphics board: EVGA GeForce GTX670
Software: iColor Display 3.7.4, UDACT, CCalc 2.0 (in-house measurement tool), Color Navigator
Signal sources: Lumagen RadianceXD, iScan VP50, OPPO BDP-93

YouTube Video: Hands on Eizo CG246

Scope of delivery

The monitor ships with cables for power, DVI-D, DisplayPort and USB. A monitor hood is provided to reduce light interference and reflections, which also helps to protect the measurements of the built-in colourimeter.

At the time of testing, the current version of Color Navigator was (supplied on CD). This useful software tool can also be downloaded free of charge at any time from the Eizo website.

The shipped CD also includes entire user manuals; printed quick guide versions of these are provided as well. A double-sided info sheet is included to outline the specifics of the factory calibration.

Design and construction

The CG246’s display panel and electronics are contained in a plain, Eizo-signature housing. The main difference to the CG245 is the location of the colourimeter. On the new model, this is unobtrusively integrated into the bottom of the frame, whereas, on the predecessor model, it took up a wide strip along the top.

The built-in colourimeter in its recessed position.

The choice of materials remains the same: The housing consists of dark, unpolished plastic and encases a solid metal cage.

At a width of approx. 2.5 cm, plus another 2 cm at the bottom, the monitor has a very solid look about it. As far as depth goes, the monitor requires 7.5 cm of space not counting the base.

Detailed view of height adjustment.

The craftsmanship of the monitor is excellent. The display panel is fitted very tidily, and we could not find any notable gaps anywhere around it. The Eizo CG246 has a very high-quality overall appearance, which is marred only slightly by the plain operating controls.

The Eizo CG246 in the lowest position...

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3 Comments available

Thanks for this review, I bought this display, by far the best one I've owned.
I'd need an information: I 'm about to buy a device that use hdmi to output a 10bit video signal, but only dp is 10 bit in the 246; so is enough to use a hdmi/dp cable or adapter or I'll have 8 bit signal?

I'm unable to guarantee that. You will need a HDMI to DisplayPort converter - not a simple cable - because of different protocols used. A 10bit workflow is in principle not a problem but it depends on the capabilities of this converter.
Perfect, I'll look for a proper converter,
thanks a lot

best regards

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