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With the EV2436WFS, Japanese display manufacturer Eizo launches a new office monitor into the market. Due to its high degree of flexibility in various areas, the EV2436WFS is ideally recommended for office use.

Often the primary requirement an office monitor needs to fulfill is to be as efficient as possible in its in power consumption. In this regard the Eizo EV2436WFS is equipped with very good hardware, the foundation of which is its power saving white led backlight.

Featuring up to 300 cd/m² luminance, there is almost no environment that would be too bright for the Eizo EV2436WFS. A light sensor automatically adjusts the screen's brightness to the environment's brightness. In addition the Eizo EV2436WFS is equipped with a movement sensor. It recognizes when a user has left his/her workstation and then tells the monitor to switch into standby mode.

What also characterizes any good office monitor though is versatility in ergonomic functions. This is where the Eizo EV2436W offers all the bells and whistles, leaving nothing to be desired. Also in terms of connectivity, its integrated DisplayPort ensures compatibility e.g. to Apple products.

Which brings us to image quality, another aspect where Eizo naturally did not spare costs for the EV2436W. It uses a 24 inch large IPS panel with a 16:10 widescreen format and a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels. The LM240WU8 panel is an e-IPS variant by LG. The LVDS-connection transmits 8 bits per color channel, which are internally converted visually lossless to 6 bit FRC-Dithering. A 10 bit LUT is employed, which promises precise and lossless color value transformations. And due its multi stage overdrive switching and response time of 6 ms (gray to gray), gamers aren't left out either.

Hands on Eizo EV2436W as YouTube video

The technical specs of the Eizo EV2436W are quite promising. We are keen on finding out how well it fares in practice.

We connected the Eizo EV2436W to the PC using a DVI cable on the DVI output of a Gainward GTX 560 Ti. All colorimetric measurements were taken with a spectral photometer (EyeOne Pro) combined with the iColor Software by Quato and Colorimetre HCFR. For determining the minimum black level we used a Colorimeter (X-Rite DTP94). For external feeds we used the Blu-Ray player Sony BDP-S350, which we connected via HDMI-DVI cable.

Scope of supply

The Eizo EV2436W is delivered in a practical cardboard box with openings for handles at the sides. Including the packaging this monitor only weighs 8.6 kg allowing for easy and even one handed transportation. Four styrofoam pieces hold the EV2436W reliably in place inside the carton as well as separate the remaining accessories from the screen. The EV2436W itself is additionally protected by a cellular plastic bag, likewise the bottom part of the stand.

The scope of supply of the Eizo EV2436W can be considered as quite spartanic since there is not much included. But Eizo seems to embrace quality over quantity, because in addition to the mandatory power cable and DVI cable the EV2436W also comes with a DisplayPort cable. An instructions manual and a software CD (including manual, drivers and Eizo Screenmanager Pro software) conclude the list of accessories.

The scope of supply of the Eizo EV2436W: spartanic, but a Display-Port cable is included at least.

Design and mechanics

Kept in black matte the Eizo EV2436W presents itself in a down to earth yet stylish design. Eizo is not known for its daring designs and the clear edged shape of its monitors' cases is highly visible with the EV2436W too. Nevertheless, or for this reason in particular, this monitor comes across as very professional.

The plastic case is only 2.6 cm thick at its outer edge, which is one benefit of LED technology as it allows reduced depth compared to fluorescent tubes. The plastic parts are accurately manufactured, having a thick and high quality feel to them. Since none of the parts of the Eizo EV2436W have a high polish finish, the case is less prone to scratches and finger prints.

EV2436W in classic Eizo design: clear cut edges, black matt case with subtly aligned contours.

A thin bezel of only 1.5 cm, slightly sloping off towards the screen, gives the Eizo EV2436W an elegant look. Aside from the manufacturer's logo, the bezel only houses the control elements which are located at the lower edge in the middle slightly offset to the right.

Bezel design distinction and Eizo logo of the EV2436W.

In terms of ergonomics the Eizo EV2436W leaves nothing to be desired. First off we took a look at height adjustment. The display height can be adjusted within a range of 3.6 cm (minimum) and 19.4 cm (maximum). The mechanics of height adjustment is solid, albeit it sometimes gets stuck a bit.

The Eizo EV2436W aims for the sky: variable height of up to 16 cm.

A rotary plate in the stand of the Eizo EV2436W allows the monitor to be swiveled 340 degrees. When being swiveled, the circular shaped stand in the process turns too.

Rotary plate in the monitor stand: allowing 340 degree turns around its own axis.

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I bought this monitor and its awesome. Only one think is bad. Its sensor for detections presence. I am sitting front of monitor and i got warning as not detection of presence and in few sec will be monitor turn off. Do you know if i can set it somehow or its just manufacture problem and only think what can i do is turn off this option? Thanks.

The Eizo EV2436WFS seems really good.

However, it's a bit expensive for my budget. Is anybody can tell me if the Eizo EV2336WFS and EV2316WFS can be compared to the EV2436WFS ?

Is the EV2336 and EV2316 are flicker free like the EV2436 ?


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