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REVIEW: Samsung 275T Part 11

If the image is fed via the S-Video or video input, you will have to live with clear blurring and over-saturated colours because of the inferior signal quality.

Via DVI: image that is rich in detail, with strong, beautiful colours and deep black.

Via S-Video: The transmission channel causes a washed-out image and overscan means that image information is missing at the edges. In addition, clearly over-saturated colours arise in the standard display mode. The photo still shows relatively neutral colour settings; only black remains a pleasing deep black.

When an external source (e.g. DVD player) is connected to the video inputs on the Samsung 275T, additional menus are available for adjusting the image format and colours. These are visible in the following pictures:

The inevitable juddering in LCD monitors, caused by the image frequency of 60 Hz is also present in the SyncMaster 275T. However, with good player software, this can hardly be seen in modern films with fast camera movements.

DVDs and films can be enjoyed in general on the 275T because of its size. The monitor has no real weaknesses in this regard – the lower-quality image via the video inputs is caused by the transmission method. Overall, the Samsung monitor can be rated very good for this section of our test.

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