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REVIEW: Samsung 275T Part 5

Image quality

The Samsung SyncMaster 275T features an S-PVA panel, which is probably run on a 10Bit lookup table. The MagicColor and MagicBright technologies ensure a very impressive subjective image from the outset, but we do not recommend that you activate these functions for image and video editing.

The contrast of the Samsung 27-inch monitor is advertised as 1000:1, but the SyncMaster 275T can actually exceed this value considerably, with contrast values of up to 1394:1 (after sRGB calibration) measured during testing. The monitor displays a clear picture that is rich in contrast, with a brilliant white and a deep black. The subjective image quality is very good.

According to the manufacturer, the maximum brightness is 500 cd/m², but the monitor also exceeds this estimate, producing 556 cd/m² in testing. During our tests, however, we noticed that the brightness on our monitor continually moved from dark to bright just after it had been switched on or when the brightness settings had been changed largely; the brightness then levelled off at a value of around 456 cd/m². This is barely noticeable to the naked eye; the monitor is still very bright and can be used without difficulty even with strong sunlight shining onto the screen.

Factory setting Manufacturer Measured
n.a. 6400
500 556
n.a. 0,52
1000 1069
n.a. 2,06

When the SyncMaster 275T is run via the analogue input, it produces a pleasingly good picture, the automatic image adjustment works excellently and we can even recommend the Samsung 275T for use with an analogue graphics card, provided that the card delivers an acceptable signal.

Brightness distribution on the Samsung 275T is relatively even, both subjectively and when measured. Only in the lower third of the panel does the image get very slightly darker. However, since the maximum deviation is more than 10 percent, the 27-inch monitor just misses out on a rating of very good.

We measured the brightness distribution in cd/m² at 15 points on the display surface.

With its S-PVA panel, the SyncMaster 275T offers horizontal and vertical viewing angles of up to 176 degrees at a contrast ratio of 10:1. Although the colours pale as the side viewing angle increases, the actual colour tone always remains recognisable because the contrast decreases. The viewing angles should be absolutely sufficient for everyday use and leave TN panels clearly in the shadows.

The reason that the monitor "only" gets a rating of good is connected with the dimensions of the model: slight changes in contrast at the edges are simply more quickly visible compared to smaller S-PVA models, especially if you sit (too) near to the monitor.

Side viewing angle from the right and frontal view.

The top picture shows the viewing angle from below and the bottom picture shows the viewing angle from above.

The panel on the Samsung 275T also demonstrates a slight colour shimmering when displaying large, mono-coloured surfaces, as we have previously observed for other VA panels. This "crystalline" effect is les noticeable the larger the distance from the monitor. The type of Anti-Reflex layer used, which should disperse light falling onto the screen, is probably responsible for this effect.

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