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REVIEW: Eizo EV2333WH-BK Part 10

Comparison of sRGB image mode with sRGB standard

sRGB image mode sRGB standard Measured
6500 6504
140 259
0,00 0,05
Native 5179
sRGB (~2,2) 2,19

The sRGB image mode on the Eizo EV2333WH has succeeded perfectly. Apart from the brightness, all values are very close to the targets. A truly impressive result delivered here by the Eizo EV2333WH. With values such as these, no-one needs to calibrate a monitor any more.

Profile precision sRGB

Profile precision Profile value Measured
6540 6511
139 140
0,02 0,02
6949 7049
2,17 2,20

When the monitor is calibrated, we check the profile precision. Low deviations allow us to conclude that the monitor characteristics are captured correctly and remain stable, as long as the measuring device is working accurately. The CMM (ColorManagementModule) colour management software can thus transform as perfectly as possible to monitor RGB (the monitor’s colour space sets the limit at the latest). If the deviations increase noticeably at a later point, it is time for a new calibration and subsequent profiling.

The deltaE deviations are very low and show that the electronics of the Eizo EV2333WH can maintain the values selected constantly across a longer period.

Comparison of calibrated sRGB colour profile with sRGB standard

Calibrated Goal Measured
6500 6544
140 139
0,00 0,02
Native 6949
sRGB (~2,2) 2,17

In order to gain an initial impression of the actual deviations in colour management software, we created relevant test patterns in Adobe Photoshop, provided these with the respective profile of the working colour space– in the case of the Eizo EV2333WH, the sRGB profile – and carried out measurements. Adobe (ACE) was used as CMM.

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