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REVIEW: LG Flatron W2442PA-SF Part 13

Input lag

As well as the resting contrast, the input lag is especially important in determining the suitability of a monitor for gaming. If too much time passes between the input and the visible response, the fraction of hardcore gamers in particular will find the controls too indirect.

The LG W2442PA performs very well in a stopwatch test against a CRT model. On average, we measured a value of 3,2 ms. In 20 percent of all cases, the deviation was a maximum of 16 ms (1 Frame per second). In 80 percent of cases, there was no lag at all. Accordingly, the aforementioned value emerged as the average value.

Although the average value is often significant, we can reiterate that there is usually no lag and that the maximum lag is just 16 ms (1 Frame per second).

Left: CRT as reference. Right: LG W2442PA with minimum input lag.

Links: CRT as reference. Right: LG W2442PA with maximum input lag.

With this maximum value and average value, the model is also interesting for hardcore gamers. Occasional gamers should be able to arrive at very good results on the hunt for points with these values.

DVD and Video

In this section, we use the computer and also an external player device. The LG W2442PA supports HDCP-protected signals on its DVI port. Thus, Blu-ray or HD-DVD discs can be reproduced on the computer without difficulty.

The playback quality itself not only depends on the monitor, but also largely on the signal processing.

1080p film "Ironman", playback via PC

The result can vary accordingly. Naturally, the "basic quality" provided by the screen must be acceptable. If large light patches, clear streaking or a poor black value are present, even the best configuration of the computer or software can no longer help.

The LG W2442PA can meet these demands without difficulty, since the black value and therefore the contrast are ideal in all areas.

Video signal processing

Refresh rates supported

In the area of computer monitors, exclusive support of 60Hz signals is still widespread. For the LG W2442PA, 50Hz support is described in the manual, but this cannot be verified in practice. The monitor functioned exclusively with 60Hz.


The LG W2442PA can also accept half-frame-based signals (480i60, 576i60, 1080i60). Since an LC Display always functions based on full frames, an integrated deinterlacer must create a series of full frames from the incoming half frames. You can find more information in our report: "Make 1 from 2" – deinterlacing.

1080i60 2:2 (left) and 3:2 (right) signals are recognised correctly.

As a test, we set up 24 Hz playback on the Playstation 3. Monitors which do not support this mode remain black. The LG W2442PA does just that. 24Hz playback is not supported.


The requirements for the scaling of video material are comparable with those in the video playback sector. This topic can be handled quickly with the LG W2442PA. The model always shows the images transmitted via HDMI in full screen mode in 16:9, since this is the typical film format. This is no problem with 1080p media, since the native monitor resolution corresponds exactly to its specifications. Display of 720p or 576p are also scaled to full screen.

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