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REVIEW: Dell U2312HM


With the arrival of the Dell Ultrasharp U2312HM, another representative of Dell’s recently updated Business range landed in our test laboratory. This model‘s large 24-inch brother, the U2412M, was already able to put in a convincing performance in our test. In principle, the 23-inch version we are now testing differs from the lager model only in the height of the screen: instead of 16:10, its aspect ratio is 16:9 in Full-HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080).

The other basic details are almost identical to those of the larger model: the U2312HM is also equipped with an eIPS panel boasting stable viewing angles and illuminated with power-saving LEDs. According to the manufacturer, the static contrast is 1000:1, whilst the response time is a nifty (for an IPS panel) 8 milliseconds for a grey change.

The mechanical features also appear to be identical; the 23-inch model comes with the same excellent stand, which offers height adjustment and a portrait mode in addition to the usual tilting and turning.

For this model, too, we had the opportunity to put a sample of this model through its paces in our extensive test procedure before its official launch on the market. The following test will show how the U2312HM performs compared with its 16:10 brother.

Viewing angles of the Dell U2312HM (YouTube Video: imran600900)

For our test, the model was connected via the digital output of a GeForce 9600GT and a Radeon HD4650. Measurements were carried out using an X-Rite EyeOne Pro and a DTP94, run using Argyll, the iColor software and Colorimetre HCFR respectively. In addition, the Sony BDP-S370 was used as an external player for testing the monitor’s suitability for video playback.

Scope of supply

Because of the very bulky, wide stand, the box in which the U2312HM is packed seems rather cumbersome for a 23-inch monitor. Once it is unpacked, the monitor must be mounted on the stand. However, this is can be done quickly and securely by simply locking the screen into place; no tools are needed.

Since the hollows in the box are filled with large pieces of Styrofoam, the monitor is stored securely and protected against scratches.

The scope of supply is satisfactory: with a VGA and a DVI cable, one is equipped for both analogue and digital playback. The USB upstream cable also allows the integrated USB hub to be used straight away. Although no printed manual is included in the box, the manual is saved on the CD provided.

The scope of supply of the U2312HM.


When we first examined our test model, we had a slight feeling of déjà vu: the U2312HM looks so similar to the recently tested U2412M that they could easily be confused. The only difference in appearance is the somewhat wider aspect ratio.

The outer appearance of the U2312HM is one of subtle elegance. Thus, the manufacturer has not opted for glossy surfaces and even the surface of the panel has been made anti-glare, which prevents irritating reflections. Most of the surfaces are black in colour, whilst some sections stand out from the rest in a medium grey shade.

Front and back of the U2312HM.

The U2312HM measures between 2.2 and 6 centimetres in depth and is therefore not notably slim. However, in spite of its dimensions, the monitor’s rounded corners and masterful design ensure that it does not look clumsy.

Profile shot of the U2312HM.

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