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Warranty LCD/Backlight (Years): 5/5 incl. Pickup Service
Max. pixel faults (according to ISO 13406-2): Class II
Panel size [inch]: 24,1
Pixel size [mm]: 0,270
Native resolution: 1.920 x 1.200
Visible screen size/diagonal [mm]: 518 x 324 / 611
Video-In, connector: 1 x D-Sub (analogue), 1 x DVI-D (digital), 2 x HDMI (digital), 2 x USB 2.0 uplink, , 1 x sound out, 1 x headphone out und 2 x USB 2.0 downlink
Vertical frequency [Hz]: Analogue: 49 - 86
Digital: 59 - 61; 49 - 51; 23,97 and 24
Max. horizontal frequency/ video bandwidth [kHz/MHz]: 31,5 - 80 / 162,5 (analogue)
31,5 - 75 / 162 (digital)
Color mode preset/user: 5 / 1
LCD pivotable / portrait mode: Yes / No
LCD display arm option: Yes
Features: Power cable, D-Sub cable, DVI cable, HDMI cable, 1 USB uplink cable, driver CD, user manual, remote control
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm]: 556 x 480 x 230 (with feet)
Weight [kg]: 10,3
Compliance: CE; TUEV GS; TUEV Ergonomie; ISO 13406-2, Energy Star; (TCO03 -BK only)
Power consumption On/Stand-by/Off [Watt]: 92 / 1,1 / 1
Test date: 9/10/2008
Picture stability: ++ (digital) ++ (analog)
Viewing angle dependency: ++
Contrast: ++
Color space: ++
Subjective impression of image quality: ++
Shades of gray resolution: ++
Brightness allocation: +
Interpolation image quality: ++
Fabrication of case/frame, mechanics: +
Operating, OSD: ++
Suitable for occasional gamer: +
Suitable for hardcore gamer: +/-
Suitable for DVD/Video: HD ++ / SD ++
Price [incl. VAT. in Euros]: 990,00

++ very good, + good, +/- satisfactory, - bad, -- very bad


Monitors from Japanese company Eizo Nanao enjoy a very good reputation, which is mainly because of their excellent product quality and the standard 5-year guarantee period. The predecessor to the Eizo HD2442W-TS, namely the Eizo HD2441W-TS, was tested almost exactly a year ago by PRAD.

The type number HD already reveals that this 24-inch screen with its S-PVA panel is a multimedia monitor. Like its predecessor, the HD2442W comes in three colour variants. The colour component can be recognised from the last letter of the model name (HD2442W): TS stands for Titan Silver, BK stands for Black and PBK for Piano Black, or piano lacquer.

Our test should show what has changed with this model as compared to the previous model and which new features have been implemented. It will also be exciting to see whether the then very good result of the previous model can also be achieved by the HD2442W. Full HD is the slogan with which out 24-inch candidate is trying to enthuse customers.

Scope of supply

The HD2442W comes with the following accessories: VGA cable, DVI cable, USB cable, manual, driver CD, power cable, HDMI cable and a remote control. The monitor comes already assembled in the typical simple carton and can be set up immediately.

In addition, four screws are included in order to attach an alternative base or to allow the monitor to be attached to a wall mount. In order to guarantee fast and simple initial usage of the monitor, the user can flip through the manual. This is multilingual and very clearly structured. As a rule, however, you will hardly need the user guide.

The driver CD contains four monitor profiles in *.icm format. Only two of these are designed for the HD2442W and differ in their gamma setting, but this is easy to recognise from the filename. The installation data for Screen Manager Pro and the user manual in several languages can also be found here.

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