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REVIEW: LG Flatron M2794D Part 3

Heat dispersal is primarily performed trough ventilation slots located in the upper area, which are also located on the underside. There are no other openings on the exterior of the monitor. There is no need to fear that insects might make their way inside the monitor in summer once you take care.

The ventilation slots on the LG M2794D are mainly located in the upper area.

The noise levels produced by the LG M2794D are low in any situation and setting. The integrated power unit causes a slight noise, but this can no longer be heard at a normal working distance. The backlight inverter works completely unnoticeably, even at a low brightness level.

However, the noise production of a monitor is generally subject to a certain level of variation within the series. Accordingly, it is not possible to make a sweeping statement about all models.

Logos on the display frame.

Power consumption

When the backlight brightness is at its highest level, the power consumption remains within the scope of the manufacturer’s indication. Despite the usually frugal TN panel, the power consumption is unfortunately only at the level of current IPS and VA panels of the same size.

  Manufacturer Measured
< 100 W 104,4 W
< 1W 2,1 W
< 1W 0,0 W
n/a 48,7 W
n/a 48,7 W


The back of the model conceals the numerous signal inputs of the LG M2794D in a circular hollow. The horizontal arrangement of the connectors makes cabling considerably easier. The additional space required in depth is minimal.

Signal inputs on the LG M2794D.

Digital signals can be played back via DVI-D and via either of the two HDMI inputs available. HDCP is supported on the DVI input. Analogue signals can be played back via a D-Sub VGA, YPbPr, S-Video or Composite-Video input. The selection of connectors is completed with two SCART inputs and an antenna port for analogue cable TV.

We recommend caution where the SCART inputs are concerned. Only one input processes RGB signal and the other processes only FBAS signals. Since synchronisation in RGB is transmitted via an FBAS signal on the "Composite-Pin", the use of the unsuitable port is only visible through the poorer image quality.

Particular video inputs are allocated to audio inputs. For the DVI and D-Sub VGA input, a 3,5 mm jack connector is provided. A video signal on the YPbPr input can be provided with matching sound via stereo cinch input. A Stereo Cinch input is also present for the S-Video and Composite-Video inputs. HDMI and SCART transmit the sound itself. Audio signals can also be accessed from the screen via a toslink output. On the side of the model is a 3,5 mm jack for connecting headphones.

The headphone output on the LG M2794D is located on the side.

The ports for external devices are located in their own recess and are provided with power by the internal power unit.

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