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REVIEW: BenQ G2411HD Part 8

SRGB colour space: 98,5 % coverage:

The ISO Coated colour space is covered by 92 %. With 99 percent coverage of the sRGB colour space, the 24-inch model achieves a very good result for a model that does not have an extended colour space.

deltaE deviation

Explanation of deltaE deviation: Deviation in colour values is measured in deltaE 94 (dE). Several grey gradients, the primary (RGB) and secondary (CMY) basic colours are measured. A deltaE value of one represents the smallest difference in colour that the human eye can perceive.

However, most people notice a difference in colour from a dE value of three. Our eyes are more sensitive to green hues, so smaller differences can be perceived here. The average deviation should be less than 3 dE and the maximum should be 10 dE, but better still just 6 dE. Up to 10 dE, however, two colours are still sufficiently similar.

Comparison of factory settings with sRGB standard

Factory setting sRGB standard Measured
6500 6246
140 236
0,00 0,25
Native 943
sRGB (~2,2) 1,99

In the factory settings, the brightness is very high at 236 cd/m². Nonetheless, the relatively dark black point means that there is a high contrast of 943:1. The target white point is missed by 250 Kelvin, which has an effect on the deviations in the grey values. The screen gamma drops by 0,4 via the grey axis and is thus very unstable. On the other hand, the deviations of the colour values are very low; the average deltaE of just 2,8 is respectable.

Since the factory settings are very important as a starting point for most visitors, we prepared a more precise representation with the aid of HCFR.

Left: Colour temperature; right: RGB shares in grey levels.

Left: Gamma gradient; right: monitor colour space in two-dimensional CIE xy-diagram.

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