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Warranty LCD/Backlight (Years): 5/5 incl. Pickup Service
Max. pixel faults (according to ISO 13406-2): Class II
Panel size [inch]: 24,1
Pixel size [mm]: 0,270
Native resolution: 1.920 x 1.200
Visible screen size/diagonal [mm]: 518 x 324 / 611
Video-In, connector: 1 x D-Sub (analogue), 1 x DVI-D (digital), 2 x HDMI (digital), 2 x USB 2.0 uplink, , 1 x sound out, 1 x headphone out und 2 x USB 2.0 downlink
Vertical frequency [Hz]: 48 - 85
Max. horizontal frequency/ video bandwidth [kHz/MHz]: 30 - 94 / 205
Color mode preset/user: 3 / 1
LCD pivotable / portrait mode: Yes / Yes
LCD display arm option: Yes
Features: Power cable, DVI-D cable (Single-Link), DVI-A to D-Sub cable, HDMI cable, Display-Port cable, USB-A to USB-B cable, user manual, driver CD-ROM
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm]: 556,4 x 521,6 x 253 (with feet)
Weight [kg]: 9,1
Compliance: TCO’03, ISO 13406-2, CISPR, VCCI, MIC (Korea), CSA, ACA (Australien), "GS", TUEV, CE, FCC, ENERGY STAR, FEMP, IT ECO, Taiwan Green Mark, CECP, GEEA, EPEAT™ Silver, RoHS, WEEE, ISO 11469, ISO 1043, prEN50279 A/B/C, EU Flower (2001/686/EC & 2001/687/EC)
Power consumption On/Stand-by/Off [Watt]: 120 / 2 / 1
Test date: 9/25/2008
Picture stability: ++ (digital) ++ (analog)
Viewing angle dependency: ++
Contrast: ++
Color space: ++
Subjective impression of image quality: ++
Shades of gray resolution: ++
Brightness allocation: +
Interpolation image quality: +
Fabrication of case/frame, mechanics: ++
Operating, OSD: ++
Suitable for occasional gamer: +
Suitable for hardcore gamer: +/-
Suitable for DVD/Video: ++
Price [incl. VAT. in Euros]: 520,00

++ very good, + good, +/- satisfactory, - bad, -- very bad


A 24-inch monitor with such a large colour space that it includes 100 percent of the AdobeRGB colour space, perfect mechanisms, connectors for HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI-I, Composite, S-Video and Component Video, and of course an SPDIF output for HDMI sound, a good S-IPS panel, and an integrated USB hub – and all this for 500 Euro?

Although a list such as this may have been either a good dream or a bad joke until now, HP is offering all this with its 24-inch LP2475w business monitor and specifies its target group as "power and workstation users and designers", which means that we can expect good image quality.

The following test will discover in detail whether or not HP will achieves these lofty goals and apply the monitor concept successfully.

In PC mode, we tested the monitor using a Sparkle GeForce 8800GTS 512 (G92); video playback was tested with both a PC via DVI and a PS3 and HDMI cable. In addition, a Gretag Macbeth EyeOne Display2 Colorimeter was used for the measurements together with the iColor Display 3.0.5 software.

Scope of supply

The monitor comes dismantled and securely packed in a stable, classic cardboard box. As soon as it is opened, the parcel gives the buyer the first reason to celebrate, since the cable set included leaves nothing to be desired. Every cable needed for connecting the monitor is included. As well as the obligatory power cable, the package also contains DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI-D cables for digital connection, a D-Sub to DVI-A cable for playing back an analogue image signal and a USB-A to USB-B cable for the integrated USB hub.

As well as the cables, a number of leaflets are included which explain the first steps for using the monitor in simple terms, a thicker manual for the service conditions and a CD which contains the driver, software and manual for the monitor.

The pleasantly full collection of cables can be seen in the right picture and the leaflets and CD in the left picture.

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