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REVIEW: Samsung 2493HM Part 19


With the SyncMaster 2493HM, Samsung is offering a model with a pleasant design which covers the sRGB colour space very well and is both suitable for gamers and for playing back moving pictures with its fast 5 ms panel and therefore presents itself as a multimedia device.

However, users who are expecting correct interpolation in DVD or console usage will be disappointed. Cut images and distorted display should be reckoned with. Through an optimally selected location, the restricted vertical viewing angle can be compensated for in playing back films or in console or computer games.

The monitor is not only worth a look for occasional gamers, since with no input lag, even fast-responding games can be played without difficulty. Fast movements also present no problem for the panel.

With its large number of ergonomic setting options, the Samsung 2493HM can also convince as an office monitor.

The weaknesses of the monitor lie in the manufacturing quality of the exterior and the mechanisms, although this can also be subject to a certain amount of variation within the series. Although the subjective image quality is good, banding is visible in grey and colour gradients. The grey gradient resolution is not convincing, especially in the dark cover values. Therefore, serious graphics editing is not possible with the Samsung.

For just 400,00 Euro, the 24-inch Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM offers a large screen diagonal for a little money in the office, multimedia and games sectors.

Overall rating: Satisfactory

Technical specifications: Samsung 2493HM

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