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REVIEW: Dell U2410

Warranty LCD/Backlight (Years): 3 incl. Pickup Service (premium service)
Max. pixel faults (according to ISO 13406-2): Class II
Panel size [inch]: 24
Pixel size [mm]: 0,270
Native resolution: 1.920 x 1.200 (16:10)
Visible screen size/diagonal [mm]: 518 x 324 / 610
Video-In, connector: 2 x DVI-D (digital), 1 x DisplayPort (digital), 1 x HDMI (digital), 1 x D-Sub-VGA (analogue), 1 x YPbPr, 1 x Composite
Vertical frequency [Hz]: 56 - 76
Max. horizontal frequency/ video bandwidth [kHz/MHz]: 30 - 81 / 162
Color mode preset/user: 7 / 1
LCD pivotable / portrait mode: Yes / Yes
LCD display arm option: Yes
Features: 1 x DisplayPort cable, 1 x DVI-D cable, 1 x D-Sub VGA cable, USB upstream cable, CD with user manual, quick start guide and colour calibration report
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm]: 560 x 393 - 493 x 201 (with feet)
Weight [kg]: 8,9 (with feet)
Compliance: TCO 03, TUEV GS, EN60950, CE, TUEV Ergonomie, ISO 13406-2
Power consumption On/Stand-by/Off [Watt]: < 132 / < 1 / < 1 (manufactor)
Test date: 22.03.2010
Picture stability: ++ (digital) ++ (analogue)
Viewing angle dependency: ++
Contrast: +
Color space: ++
Subjective impression of image quality: ++
Shades of gray resolution: +
Brightness allocation: +
Interpolation image quality: +
Fabrication of case/frame, mechanics: +
Operating, OSD: ++
Suitable for occasional gamer: +
Suitable for hardcore gamer: +/-
Suitable for DVD/Video: +
Price [incl. VAT. in Euros]: 519,00

++ very good, + good, +/- satisfactory, - bad, -- very bad


Many have thrown an expectant glance in the direction of the Dell U2410 with its 24-inch screen diagonal, which is more than interesting in terms of the technical data and also the price. Its well-known predecessors, the 2405FPW, 2407WFP and 2408WFP were absolutely convincing and were located in the upper middle class initially, costing 1.300,00 Euro. Over the years, prices have dropped considerably and the U2410 can now be bought for less than 500,00 Euro.

In the meantime, a H-IPS panel is also being used – for the 2407WFP and 2408WFP, S-PVA panels were used. From the 2407WFP-HC, there is also an extended colour space and the features also show that Dell always endeavours to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

The panel is the same structure as that used in the HP LP2475W, but a slightly different version is used in the Dell model (Revision B). In the past, there were complaints about green/pink stripes and dithering. However, updated firmware should solve this problem. The HP LP2475W was already tested recently by PRAD and we are excited about the results for the Dell U2410, which we tested in revision A00, but with the updated "M1F191" firmware, which is also used in the latest version A01.

The Dell U2410 in frontal and rear view (Picture: Dell)

The monitor has a maximum resolution of 1.920 x 1.200 pixels (WUXGA) with an aspect ratio of 16:10, which is more than sufficient for normal desktop usage. The 24-inch screen is large enough to display two DIN A4 pages side by side. The HDMI connection can be used to connect an external player or console and display Full-HD content.

The model was tested in PC mode with an ATI Radeon HD 4800 and in Mac mode with an NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT. Measurements were carried out using an X-Rite i1 Pro spectral photometer and the Quato iColor display software as well as Eye-One Match. We tested DVI, VGA, DisplayPort and HDMI as connections to the PC.

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